Prueba de nivel

Complete esta prueba de nivel y le escribiremos con el resultado, los aspectos a mejorar, horarios y recomendaciones personales de Execom Inglés.

Complete the sentences with


1. I nine years old.

2. she my sister?

3. They my friends.

4. you students?

5. It an apple.

Complete the sentences with


6. I English.

7. You got a cat.

8. He speak 2 languages.

9. They boys.

10. I a teacher.

11. She got 2 dogs.

Complete the sentences with

A / AN / X

12. boys.

13. girl

14. teacher

15. schools

16. ant

Complete the sentences with


17. a boy

18. teachers in the class.

19. an apple on the table.

20. doctors in the hospital.

Complete the sentences with


21. They go to school by bus they go to school by bus?
They got to school by bus

22. She eats a lot
Negative .

Complete the sentences with the present simple or present continuous.

The teacher is telling (tell) the students about the test at the moment.

23. She (travel) to London by train every day.

24. I (do) a project about fashion this week.

25. The film director (not make) an animation at the moment.

26. they (not get up) early at the weekend.

Choose the correct answers

27. I / in the garden when the rain / .

28. What / when I / you yesterday?.

29. The boys / football when Gregory / his accident.

30. Dad / in the kitchen when Mum / home.

Complete the sentences with the past simple or the present perfect simple.

31. We (leave) the party at 11 o'clock

32. Five years ago, (go) to Spain for our holidays.

33. She (have) a baby since I last saw her.

34. What (you / do) when you were in England?

35. They (be) to four concerts already this year.

Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple.

36. The students (finish) their science projects

37. We (miss) the bus, so we're walking home.

38. My father (travel) to many different countries.

39. They (eat) all my food.

Complete the email with the correct tense:

40. Hi Paul, Thanks for your email. I’m glad you (enjoy) your university course. I (get) an email from Sam last week. He’s at university in Cambridge. He (love) the city, but he isn’t sure about his course. I (go) to see him next week, so I’ll talk to him about it.

I’m a bit fed up. Someone (steal) my bike last night. It’s so annoying! If I (have) lots of money, I (buy) a new one straight away, but I can’t afford to do that. According to the police, they said there (be) a lot of thefts recently. At least I’ve got my holiday in Spain to look forward to. Our flight (leave) early on Saturday morning, so by the afternoon I (lie) on the beach. I can’t wait!! And maybe the police (find) my bike by the time I get back!! you (hear) the news about Laura? She (meet) a by while she (stay) with her aunt, and they’ve decided to get married!!! What a surprise!!



Charlie didn’t leave early, and so he missed the bus (Type 3)

41. If Charlie

I like travelling, but I haven’t got any money (Type 2)

42. If I

Don’t get too close to the swimming pool, you can fall in (Type 1)

43. If you

RELATIVE CLAUSES: Join the sentences using relative pronouns

44. Where is the pencil? I left it on the desk.

45. A boy visited the police station. His bike was stolen.

46. Alexander Fleming was British. He discovered penicillin.

PASSIVES: Change these sentences into the passive voice:

47. A burglar stole my laptop.

48. They have elected a new president.

49. They will finish our new house at the end of the month.

50. Millions of people watch this programme.

REPORTED SPEECH: Change the sentences into reported speech.

51.“I have lost the map,” Jack told me.
Jack told me .

52.“I won’t be here tomorrow,” she told me.
She told me .

53.“Are you a student? He asked me.
He asked me .

54.“What did you do yesterday?” They asked her.
They asked her .

MODAL VERBS: Rewrite the sentences using modal verbs or modal perfects:

55. It’s possible that I’ll be late. (may)


56. It is forbidden to leave your bike here. (can’t)


57. Maybe Joanna missed the last bus. (may)



58. Greg often seems (be) worried.

59. I hate (tell) this, but we’ve lost all our money.

60. Do you want (go) for a walk this afternoon?

61. I enjoyed (listen) to this lesson.

62. I can’t stand (wake) up early.

WRITING: 100 words. Tell us about your summer holidays


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