Prueba de nivel

Complete esta prueba de nivel y le escribiremos con el resultado, los aspectos a mejorar, horarios y recomendaciones personales de Execom Inglés.

Completa la frase con una de las siguientes palabras


1. There not women in the class.

2. there children at school today?

3. There not people at the university.

4. there apple in that box?

5. There not fruit in the fridge.

Completa la frase con una de las siguientes palabras


6. I know people in London because I lived there for twenty years.

7. We haven’t got fruit left. We have to go and buy some more.

8. She’s crying because she’s got friends.

9. Let’s go to have a cup of tea before the plane takes off. We still have time.

10. It’s wonderful to have money. You can go all over the world.

Completa las siguientes frases siguiendo el ejemplo

Ejemplo: This is Mary's book. It's her book. It's hers.

11. Those are the boy's balls. They are .

12. Give this present to Mary. Give to .

13. I don't like new dress. I hate !.

14. I adore my sister's cat. legs are brown and white.

15. Don't shout at . Shout at .

Pon el verbo entre paréntesis en la forma verbal correcta

16. Be careful! You (fall) into the pool!

17. What time the lesson (start) ?

18. It wasn’t raining when we arrived at the party but we couldn’t sit on the grass because it (rain) before.

19. you (see) Mary recently ?

20. While I (play) with my brother, I (break) my leg.

21. you (see) Mary at the party last night? Yes, she (bring) some beautiful flowers.

22. He (come) from France.

23. You (look) very well today. Much better than yesterday.

24. I (be) very furious. They were so late!

25. I (go) to school when I (met) my friend John.

26. When I finished school, I (work) as a taxi driver for two years.

27. The radio was on but nobody (listen) .

28. Mary is not working at the moment. She (go) to Portugal for two weeks.

29. Ow! You (have) a haircut!

30. All the lights were on but there (be) nobody at home.

31. you (be) here before?

32. He (live) with his girlfriend for ten years now.

33. He (lose) his keys last week.

34. If you (see) Peter, (tell) him to come.

35. I (get) some more food, if we (run) out of it.

36. If I (have) to go to France, I (not go) by car.

37. If you (sell) more products, you (save) more money.

38. If I (make) a shopping list, I (not forget) things.

39. I wish I (know) I wasn’t going to be happy with him. I (not marry) him.

40. If I (realise) you were driving so fast, I (say) something.

41. If you (tell) me you were coming, I (cook) something for you.

42. If it (smell) bad, I always (throw) it away.

Resuelve las siguientes frases siguiendo el ejemplo

Ejemplo: It’s raining and you want to go to the cinema.
I wish it would stop raining.

43. You are waiting for the bus and it’s not coming.
I wish

44. Somebody is playing the piano and you are trying to sleep.
I wish

45. You have been trying to pass your exams for two years.
I wish

Escribe una redacción de unas 80 palabras. Tema libre (por ejemplo que has hecho durante las vacaciones, tus planes para el futuro)


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